Flowers Which Grow Well Indoors

Living in an apartment or a small space can be a nightmare for people who love being around plants. The limited space and limited access to natural light makes it almost impossible to have thriving vegetation but the good news is that you can still have a successful floral feel despite operating from an apartment. I am sure you are wondering how you would achieve this. Well, the trick is in flower selection. You cannot grow every single popular flower you can think of but you can grow a few that have been known to thrive in limited lighting. Hardy flowers are you go-to here. Here are five flowers that can do well indoors.

  • Peace lily – The peace lily remains to be one of the best flowers to grow indoors. The flower, also known as closet plant due to how well it thrives in limited light, is damaged by direct sunlight. Placed a few feet away from the window, the flower will require heavy watering to keep it looking perfect but the results will be worth it.
  • African violet – This is a great choice if you are looking for a burst of colour in your space. The best place to position the plant is an eastward facing window so that it can get the morning sun rather than the more direct midday sunlight. In addition, the soil should be kept moist but not soggy so as to avoid the plant rotting. The African violet will however thrive better in a temperature controlled environment.
  • Marigold – Even though they are known to be more of an outdoor plant than an indoor one, marigolds are an excellent choice for an indoor space as they are really colourful and can really brighten up the indoors. However, they are relatively hardy which means that they don’t need as much attention as most indoor flowers. Matter of fact, direct sunlight will actually not be bad for the plant. As a bonus, marigolds are an all year flower which means that you will have beautiful foliage and flowers even in the winter, marigold's can even be easily delivered by local florists, click here for more information on Marigolds and for a florist which delivers.
  • Begonia – This is yet another flower that is mostly considered as an outdoor one but it can also make a beautiful indoor flower. Like the African violet, the begonia also needs to be in a controlled environment. The flower does not need a lot of watering and as such you can go a few days without watering.
  • Cactus – Most people do not really consider the cactus a flower rather a plant and an easy one too. However, when left to bloom, cactus can give you the most beautiful, colourful flowers. Some can even say extraordinary. All it needs is to be placed in a bright spot, water it every other week and be patient.

These are just a few examples of flowers that can do well indoors and while you may not have enough long stemmed varieties to make wedding bouquets, you can always find beautiful wedding flowers in Melbourne from this page. However, if perhaps you want something out of the ordinary, you can still assemble bouquets out of some of the flowers listed above and they will still look fantastic, and will last indoors long after the wedding.